Travel, Rebuilding, and the first ever Starbucks!!

As some may know, I love to participate with the organization Rebuilding Together and lend my video skills to help spread their word! The last video project I did with them here in Des Moines, IA went over well, and they asked me to participate in another project they were doing. This one just happened to be in Seattle, Washington!!! Rebuilding Together paired up with All Recipes (who’s headquarters is in Seattle) to help restore 5 different homes in need, and I have to admit, I was a bit more excited about this Rebuilding Together project 1. Because I was able to travel to Seattle, which I have never been before, and it’s on my bucket list to try and travel a lot more in the next couple of years. And 2. because I was flown out with a few others on a private leer jet!! Most people probably find it similar to flying on a regular plane, just a little more convenient, but this is going down as a pretty big work perk in my book!!!:)


Seattle’s weather was amazing – 70 with a breeze! And when you are carrying a tripod, monopod, slider, camera, batteries, and three lens on your back all day, cool weather is crucial to give you any chance of not looking like a hot hot mess at the end of the day- ha! The volunteers at All Recipes were so fun and excited about the project, we got some amazing footage to make another great video, we helped improve the homes of 5 kind and appreciative homeowners, and we even were able to do some site seeing the following day before we flew back!:)


I can’t wait to dig into editing and show the final video! In the mean time, here are a few pictures of the sites we were able to see!:)



The First ever Starbucks located at Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market!:)

2014-06-18_0001 2014-06-18_0002

Of course I had to get an iced carmel coffee at the first ever Starbucks!

2014-06-18_0003  2014-06-18_0004

Seattle’s original farmers market, established in 1907.


Andrew, lets renew our vows in Seattle, because the flowers and peonies are AMAZING there! If you love floral, this is the market for you!:)2014-06-18_0006

2014-06-18_0009 2014-06-18_0007 2014-06-18_0008 2014-06-18_0010 2014-06-18_00122014-06-18_0011


2014-06-18_0017 2014-06-18_0014 2014-06-18_0015 2014-06-18_0016 2014-06-18_0018 2014-06-18_0019 2014-06-18_0020 2014-06-18_0021 2014-06-18_0022

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