Iowa Country Farm Wedding | Trish + Mike

Trish + Mike. These two are one amazing couple! Mike + Trish’s wedding was set to be held on their family farm. They had a large tent set up with a beautiful view of the country side. We were hoping the weather would hold out for the cocktail hour and reception later in the day, but what I wasn’t accounting for, was how the weather in the early afternoon could effect everything. It was around noon when the decorating team was putting up the finishing touches inside the tent, that a storm with heavy rain and huge gusts of wind came through. The storm only last 15 minutes or so, but that was enough to uproot the tent poles, and bring the tent crashing down, ruining hours and hours or work that had been done underneath the tent. It left all wondering what to even try and do now. The girls were still finishing their hair and makeup, and the groomsmen that had arrived, took off their jackets, rolled up their sleeves, and headed toward the tent to see how they could help. Talk about some amazing groomsmen! Eventually we had to break for pictures, and we left the vendors to execute plan B.

The ceremony was held at a perfect little Catholic church with a traditional ceremony. A few jokes even made it into their ceremony that helped lighten the mood, and right as the bride and groom kissed, and exited the church, a phone call was received and the tent was back up!!!

Although they were not able to restore the tent and all the decorations underneath to what was once planned, it still looked beautiful, and this couple demonstrated such grace and amazing character. I would say 10 out of 10 brides would have been crushed throughout the day, but these 2 just beamed.. the entire day! With wedding planning, it’s easy to get caught up in the visual things, but these 2 knew exactly what to be focused on. They had each other, their amazing love, their friends and their family all there supporting them and celebrating them. Congratulations Trish + Mike! I have no doubt, that the two of you together are unstoppable, and have one beautiful marriage ahead of you! So thankful I was able to be apart of your day, and capture such a beautiful marriage and wedding!

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