Rebuilding Together | Meredith Corporation | Des Moines, IA

This was truly an event that I walked away from feeling inspired, feeling happy hearted, and feeling like we had truly impacted other’s lives for the better.

Rebuilding Together is an organization that partners with communities and organizations to help rehabilitate other’s homes- particularly low income families, seniors, veterans, and victims of disaster. With this particular project Rebuilding Together teamed up with Meredith Corporation, which is how I originally got involved and became aware of Rebuilding Together.

Awhile back, an email was sent throughout Meredith and asked employees to fill out a survey to see if they would be interested in participating in this upcoming event, and if so, if they had any specific skill sets that could be helpful.

I started skimming through the list of suggested skill sets, passing over them one by one… plumbing… no, carpentry… nope, electrical… I would probably start a fire, painting… now I could handle that!, photography… Yes- That is what I’m talking about!

I marked up my list, replied back to the email, and a few days later I received an email and was asked to be apart of the photography team and attend a brainstorming meeting. Somehow throughout the meeting it was brought up that not only do I take photos, but I also play around with video. So fast forward a bit, and here we are.

What I love most about the video this year is we were able to highlight the kindhearted and grateful homeowners who were effected by everyone’s efforts. Cheryl’s speech in this video speaks volumes. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking…

And a little insider note… This video was well received, so it may be in the works that I will be able to film another video in an awesome location this summer!:) More details to possibly come later!

6/12/14 Update: So glad I ended up deciding to enter this video into the 56th ADAI (Art Directors Association of Iowa) Design Exhibition. I wasn’t going to enter because I would be going up against big publishing and advertising firms, and I didn’t think I had a shot. In the end I decided I didn’t have anything to loose. Surprisingly, I got into the show, which I would have been thrilled with just that, but then also won Best of Category, and even Judge’s Choice! Lesson learned, go for it even if you don’t think you have a shot!:)


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