We have an Announcement!!:) First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage, then Comes…

A HOUSE, yes a house!!:) Sorry, no baby yet! You need a house before a baby!:)

Andrew and I are so excited that we have closed on a house, and officially become homeowners to a perfect ranch style house in Waukee, IA!:)

We had done some research and found some houses we liked, and also took a few additional suggestions from our amazing real-estate agent (aka my aunt, Julie Baudler). We walked through a number of different houses, all being nice, but not really feeling like OUR house. I kept reverting back to the house we are currently renting, and saying how I preferred it’s open ranch style layout over the 2 stories ones we were touring through.

Andrew was a fan of one of the houses we looked at that was on our list, but I kept saying that the only thing that was going to win me over was a ranch style home…. Julie, seeing that we weren’t getting too far, said that she was aware of one ranch style house in the neighborhood we wanted, even though that it was not on the market yet! I said LETS SEE IT, and she agreed to drive us past it.

Turns out we were able to drive past it, and go look inside of it! Andrew and I maintained our best poker faces as we were walking through it, admiring all of it’s amazing features, but right when we stepped outside to leave, we looked at each other and said “IT’S SOLD!”

2013 has been one exciting year for us, filled with many blessings that will be ones to remember!!:)

My favorite part, besides it’s nice open layout… a great sized office with french doors!! If you ask Andrew what his favorite feature is, he will say the garage with tool box built-ins… and then he continues to list about 5 other things as well!:)

Interior pictures to come later!:)

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